SMART is Working to Create Better Transit!

The SMART Path is guiding the Authority toward to creating better, efficient, accessible, and affordable public transit for all. Transit is an essential service for a growing and successful region. SMART will review all aspects of service to better plan for the future. The SMARTPathPlan.org site is a depository of all forthcoming plans and projects that look to the future to create better transit for all.

Currently, there are two active projects: Connector and Park & Ride Lots. Please take a moment to view the updates of each project as they progress. The Fixed Route plan has been presented and approved by the SMART Board and implementation of Phase I recommendations have begun. Please visit www.smartbus.org for upcoming proposed service changes.

Each project is done in conjunction with well-known, qualified consultants and includes a thorough analysis of the service with a focus on rider’s needs. The objective is to create the best possible transit service network for SMART riders within the current available SMART budget. SMART Path will help maximize the impact of taxpayer funding for transit by gaining better knowledge of our riders, improve efficiency, and direct transit improvements where they are most needed.

For more information on our work, visit the various sections of the website to find the status and plans that SMART will utilize.